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Add shots to a scene

  1. Click one time on your scene into the playlist to open it.Scenes panel
  1. Your scene is loaded and ready to be use in the Editor interface.New empty sceneIn a new scene you always have a Switcher track ready to be use
  2. At the top left you have some colored boxes representing your sources (cameras, video servers,...).
    Switcher bin
  • Simply click on one of them to add a shot on the timeline.
    New shot on switcher track
    While the timeline is playing you can add shots on the fly (following the music beat for example).

    You can also use your keyboard with the numeric keys (key 1 is source 1, key 2 is source 2, shift+2 is source 12).
  • Click one time on a shot to select it and get its properties displayed at the top right.Shot properties area

    You see an outline on the selected shot in the timeline.
    Example of a selected shot
  • You can adjust the position of the shot as desired by dragging the left white border of it.Example of a shot dragging