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Create a new Playlist

  1. Select your project in the list, then press “Open”
    Projects dialog
  2. Your project opens and your playlists are displayed.Playlists tab empty
  3. In the example below, as it is a new project there is no playlist yet.
  4. To add a playlist to your project, press the Add playlist button button.
    It opens a popup window.
    Add playlist dialog
  5. Enter your new playlist name then press “Ok”
    Add playlist dialog focus on name
  6. Your playlist is now created.
    Playlists panel
  7. Click one time on the playlist to open it.
    As it is a new playlist, it contains no scene yet.
    Scenes panel empty

Note: you can rename a Playlist with a right-click on it, then select Rename and enter the new name.

Playlists panel with context menu