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Create a new Scene

  1. In the selected playlist click on the Add scene button button.
  2. A new window appears with all the scene settings.
    Add scene dialog
  3. Give a name to your scene then press “Ok”. Your scene is created and added to your playlist.
    Scenes panel

Here are the others settings available when you create/modify a scene:

  • Artist: name of the artist
  • Duration: each scene has its own duration. By default, it’s set at 3m30s
  • Load at: the time position where the scene loads when you open it
  • Number: you can set a sequence number. The sort in the playlist is done by this number
  • Status: The color is reflected into the playlist to indicate the status of the scene
  • Notes: Click on “Edit” to enter some notes about the scene
Advanced parameters
  • LTC Slave: Set to “On” if the scene has to be remoted by an external audio player like a Pro Tools or an Ableton for example
  • Start at LTC: Set the timecode waited by LiveEdit Producer for starting the scene
  • LTC Regen offset: Set the timecode generated by LiveEdit Producer (mostly used when the audio is playback directly from LiveEdit)