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Create my first Project and manage the Project Settings

  • Click on File in the menu bar. Then select “New Project…”
    If the “Projects” popup window is displayed you have also a button at the bottom left for creating a “New project”.Projects dialog empty
  • You’ll get a “New project” popup.
    New project dialog
  • Give a name to your new project. It can be change later.
  • Next, choose the frame rate between 25 or 30 frames per second.
    Usually 30 fps is used in America (mostly known as NTSC) while almost the rest of the world is at 25 fps (PAL).
    New project dialog focus on frame rate
  • Then enter the number of sources you plan to use into your project (cameras, video servers, …). This setting is modifiable later if you need more or less sources.
  • Finalize your project’s creation by clicking on the Ok button.
  • Your project appears in your projects list.
    Ready to use.
    Projects dialog with one project
    Note: The owner of each project is displayed next to it on the right.

How to setup default project settings ?

Each project has its own settings. You can modify the frame rate, the sources count and also the basic tracks contained into a new scene.

Note : default tracks are for the scene creation, afterward you can add, remove and change any track in the way you want.

  • Click on File in the menu bar. Then select “Project Settings…

Project settings' path in the App menu

  • a popup window appears with all the parameters of the project :
    • Project's name
    • Frame rate (25 or 30 fps)
    • Sources count
    • Default scene skeleton

Project settings' dialog

  • Click "Ok" to validate the settings

About the default scene skeleton

For each new scene, you can define what are the tracks automatically created and, optionally, their assignments. Simply click on "+" to add each new default track.

Project settings' dialog focused on default scene skeleton