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How the viewer (where the medias are displayed) works ?

You can import to LiveEdit as many medias as you want. Up to 4 medias can be displayed at the same time in the viewer.

The top bar of the viewer contains two menus :

  1. The left one is the list of the medias contained in the scene. It displays the actual media output in the viewer.
    You can click on it to get the list of medias contained in the scene and select what to output.
    Viewer source context menu
  2. On the right there is the « View » menu giving you access to a scrolling list with two choices : « Single view » or « Multiple views ».
    Viewer display mode context menu

What is the difference between the two modes ?

  1. Single view mode : you can view only one media at a time in the viewer.
    To choose what media to display simply click on the eye contained in the track head of the desired media.
    Video track eye button
    The viewer automatically switches to the selected media.
  2. Multiple views : you can view up to 4 medias at the same time in the viewer.
    First switch the viewer mode to « Multiple Views ».
    Viewer display mode context menu
    As it is for the single view, you choose the medias to display by clicking on the eyes in the track heads.
    The layout changes automatically depending of the number of medias selected.
  • In the view menu you also have a « Camera overlay » option.
    Camera overlay context menu
    This enable the informations displayed on the top left corner of the viewer including :
    • Timecode or Bars & Beat position
    • Shot number
    • On-Air Source
    • Countdown to next shot