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How to add lyrics to my scene ?

  1. Click on the "+" button to add a new track.
    Add new track context menu
  2. A popup window is displayed. Click on type of track to select "Lyrics". Then press "Ok".
    Add new track dialog
  3. The new track is added to the timeline and ready to be use. You have the track parameters displayed on the top left.
    Add new track lyrics type
  4. The best way for saving time is to copy & paste all the lyrics in one time from a document or from a website
    LiveEdit will automatically remove all the empty lines and unneeded spaces.
    Example of paste lyrics
  5. Next step is the insertion of the lyrics on the timeline. For proceeding you have two options :
    • Click on the In & Out button on the window (old fashion way !!!)
    • Use the I & O keys on your keyboard (very very much easier !)

  6. Simply press "play" and insert the lyrics on the fly.
    Example of inserting lyrics while playing
  • You can adjust the position of the lyrics boxes by sliding them or glide the start/end point of the box.
    Lyrics edit dialog
  • You can also split a lyric box in two boxes by using the "Blade" tool. It splits at the playhead position.
    Example of splitting lyrics boxes
  • The last important function to know is that you can copy and paste a group of lyrics
    1. Select the first box, then click on the last box your want to copy with the Shift button. The group of boxes has outlines. Copy and paste them to the desired position.
      Example of copy and paste lyrics boxes