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How to add media files to my scene ?

LiveEdit manages audio and video files and is compatible with a lot of formats.
You can add an unlimited number of media tracks into a scene.

There is two ways for adding medias :

  1. The easiest one is to simply drag and drop the media anywhere into LiveEdit window.

Drag and drop audio file

  1. You can also click on the "+" button in the tool bar

Import media button

When you import a media you always have a popup asking you if you want touse this media as a local one or to upload it to the cloud.
This is a choice you do depending of the way work :

Use as local button : if you are the single user of your project and will not use a different computer you can keep your media as local. They are only saved on your computer.

Upload to server button : if you share your project with other users or use different computers we strongly recommend that you upload your medias

Note : here, the LiveEdit team, we always upload our medias to the cloud. Just in case. :)

As soon as your media is imported into LiveEdit a new track is displayed.
Audio is represented by a pink track while video is a blue one.

Video and audio tracks added to a scene

  • If you want to move or slide your track from backward to forward just click on it, you'll seen a white outline and then slide it to the desired position.
    Example of sliding a track

    The media's offset is indicated next to the filename on the right
    Example of dragging a media track

How to rename my media track ?

  1. Right-click on track head. Then select "Edit...".Edit track name button
  2. A popup displayed the track settings. Enter the new name of your track. Then click Ok.Media track edit dialog
  3. The new name is displayed in the track head.Example of a renamed audio track

How to upload my media afterwards if it's only local ?

  1. Click on the head of the track to deploy it.
  2. Then you have access to the track parameters on the top left and the track informations on the top right. If the media location is notified as "Local" just click on the "Upload to server" button to push it into the cloud.
    Upload to the cloud button
  3. A small progress bar is displayed during the upload at the bottom if the track.Example of the progress of a media uploading
  4. When the process is done the media location is notified as "Remote"
    Track properties showing the media location as Remote

Note : only the medias uploaded are shared to the cameraman tablets