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How to manage Sources in my Project ?

By default a project has 12 sources (cameras, EVS, …) and 2 internal sources (Black and White).

Note : you may have already modified this number when you’ve created your project by choosing another number of sources.

  • You can add, remove and modify project sources count by going to the « Source Tab ». It’s located on the left and represented by a Camera icon. Click on it to open the tab.
    Sources tab button
  • The Sources tab opens.
  • If you want to add or remove sources
    1. Click on the sources count at the top of the tab. In this example it’s « 12 ».
      Sources count button
    2. It opens a popup where you type your new sources count, 14 for example. Then press ok.
      Sources count dialog
    3. The new sources count is displayed and the new lines are added at the end of the list.

  • For each source you can change some parameters :
    • Name: this is the source name used everywhere in the software. Usually it’s a number for a camera ("1") or a short name  in case of a video server (« EVS1 ») for example.
    • Description: this is an optional field for cameraman’s name for example (displayed under the source box)
    • Type: by default, type is set to « Normal » camera. You can switch to "Remote" if the camera is a PTZ controlled by LiveEdit
    • Color: this is the color associated to the source everywhere in the software (source box and source shot in the timeline)
    • Crosspoint: sometimes the camera 13 is not the input 13 in the switcher for example. Just type here the real switcher input, this can be done at anytime

You also have up to six internal sources.

The first two ones are "Black" and "White" by default. You can modify them or add new ones, for example a M/E.

Internal source edit dialog

With modifications your Sources tab may look like this :

Sources tab overview

The switcher track reflects the modifications instantly.

Switcher track bin with new sources

Note : Sources settings are contained into the project settings. They are synced with all the projects data in real-time.