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How to use Bars & Beats on my scene ?

LiveEdit has two ways for working with Bars & Beats:

From the Song Structure track

  1. On the "Metronome" pop-up, choose "Song Structure track" as “Tempo source”
    Bars-Beats pop-up
  2. Create a new Song Structure track and add some parts
  3. Configure part tempo, signature and position to see the Bars & Beats ruler appear

From a media

  1. Import a media into your scene
  2. For each media imported into LiveEdit, the system analyzes the audio and determines the tempo and its start point. Those informations are displayed into the media track:
    • Tempo in bpm is indicated next to the file name.
    • Start offset is indicated by a yellow bracket which you can slide to adjust it.
      Representation of the first beat position on the track
  3. Click on the “Metronome” icon. A popup window lets you configure the tempo settings of the scene from there.
  4. Choose "media track" as “Tempo source”, then select in the list the media you want to use. The tempo of the selected media is now used as the Bars & Beats reference: the ruler switches to Bars & Beats indications and they are displayed next to the timecode.
Extra settings:
  1. Offset start
    If the start point calculated by LiveEdit and represented by the yellow bar seems to be not correct you can change it. Simply slide the yellow bar to the position desired. The ruler follows its position automatically
  2. Tempo speed
    Sometimes, the tempo calculated by LiveEdit is twice faster/slower than the real one. You can easily change divide/multiply its speed by clicking on "Normal". Then you can change it to Quarter (25%), Half (50%), Double (200%) or Quadruple (400%).
  3. Speed adjustment menu for automaticly detected bpm

  4. Bars-Beats ruler
    If you don't want to have the ruler with Bars & Beats and let it in "seconds" mode, uncheck the "Bars-Beats ruler" option (checked by default)
  5. Bars-Beats on media track
    If you don't want to have the Bars & Beats indicated into the media track and let it in "seconds" mode, uncheck the "Bars-Beats on media" option (checked by default)