A new way to interconnect live production with editing.
LiveCapture allows to record all the cuts from the switchers and to put them in real-time on a LiveEdit timeline. It's very useful when you desire to use LiveEdit on a scene but you don't get the time to prepare it.

LiveCapture frame

LiveCapture frame can record up to 12 ISO cameras

video and cuts

Just perform your first rehearsal on the switcher with your TD and then you have all your timeline ready to be modified on a LiveEdit scene. While LiveCapture records the cuts, the Program is recorded by LiveEdit Producer and instantly available in your scene. In addition, LiveCapture frame can record 12 more video channels to review ISO camera angles

EDL and XML export

LiveCapture can also be useful when you record a full show with post production and need an EDL or XML file for software editors such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X. LiveEdit, through LiveCapture module, permits to export and import EDL and XML files compliant with the standards. LiveCapture can record all your cuts during your show and export them in a wink to an EDL or XML file ready for the editor.