Let the magic happen.

LiveEdit Producer is the hardware companion of LiveEdit.
It is the automation heart of the system allowing all the magic to happen.

On production day, connect the LiveEdit Producer to the switcher, the video servers, the sound mixer and to any equipment and person concerned by the automation.

LiveEdit Producer gives real-time information to each crew member about his work while it controls the connected equipment.


LiveEdit Producer is completely integrated into LiveEdit. You continue to use LiveEdit as usual and every modification is pushed to the Producer as in the cloud in the same time

LiveEdit Producer workflow


LiveEdit Producer gives real-time instructions to the tablets connected to the network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Any crew member gets real-time instructions on his device about his very own work.

Real-time updates

When you modify your scenes in LiveEdit, updates are sended to your crew in real-time.

Viewfinder outputs

Instructions for cameraman are also provided to viewfinder through LiveEdit Producer outputs for up to 5 cameras (e.g. for handheld cameras or steadicam where tablets are not suitable)



with serial protocol and IP Control


with 8 master audio outputs through AES


through serial and IP

Media Server

4 integrated HD channels for instant access and control

Remote cameras

through PTZ protocols

MIDI, OSC, Art-Net

for controlling any type of device


Input for incoming control and output for master control


with 8 triggers in standard and 16 of each type with the LiveIO extension device

LiveEdit Producer frame

LiveEdit Producer embeds professional equipment and is compliant with live critical applications. It’s synchronized in the OB-Van through blackburst or Tri-level while the audio can also be separately sync with Wordclock for perfect accuracy with the sound workflow. Also, LiveEdit Producer has dual PSU and every I/O port is protected for surge and ground issue.

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