RS422-A port
Sony Serial Tally and GV Editor Protocol are available giving control to the major functions of the switchers.

Ethernet port for IP Control
Sony Serial Tally IP and GV IP Control are available giving a full control of the switchers.

Grass Valley Kayenne / K-Frame / K-Frame X / S-Series / V-Series

Ross Carbonite / Acuity


Sony XVS-#000

Kahuna Switchers are compatible with both Sony & GV Editor protocols through Serial control.

All Sony’s switchers support basic control but extended control requires BZPS-7700 option to be enabled on the SCU/SIU. Please contact your Sony support to enable the option which is completely independent of LiveEdit.


6 RS422-A for Odetics, VDCP, VTR (BVW75) and DME (Sony’s Multi Video Effects)
IP Control for remote cameras (Panasonic and Sony)


2 DIN-5 outputs of 16 channels each.
For specific application the Midi Output 2 can be mapped to an input.


8 contacts are available through a screw connection.
16 GPI and 16 GPO are available with the LiveIO extension device anywhere through LiveNet.


1 XLR input to receive LTC timecode data from an external player (like a protools for example)

1 XLR output to generate a LTC master timecode


Media Server
4 HD-SDI outputs up to 1080p60

Program record
1 HD-SDI input for recording rehearsals

Program overlay
1 Fill/Key HD-SDI output for program overlay and rehearsals replay

4 HD-SDI inputs and 4 HD-SDI outputs on 1080i50/60 and 1080p50/60

1 HD-SDI output

LiveEdit Screen
1 HD-SDI output and 1 HDMI output for LiveEdit monitoring in the control room


1 BNC input for blackburst or HD Tri-Level sync input

Note : it’s strongly recommended to sync LiveEdit Producer with the production gallery to get the most accuracy with the switcher

1 BNC input for very precise audio applications

Note : if not connected, the video reference input is used


2x USB
1x VGA
1x Ethernet for internet
1x 10 Gigabit Ethernet for LiveNet